Sunday, February 19, 2012


Warning: I have received reports from students that they are being infected by a virus on Glogster's login page. I have used this without incident in my classroom, but I do not recommend asking students to use this on their home computers until the vulnerability is addressed.

Glogster's Educator version

  • Teachers have a master control to regulate students' glogs
  • Students can mark a glog as "finished" to share it with the rest of the class
  • The classroom community is password protected
  • Teachers can create up to 100 student accounts without disclosing their students' personal information


  1. I see you are pulling content from an old wiki that you created. I hope you will contribute something new to this blog. Is this warning still valid since you wrote it almost two years ago? I can find no reports of viruses on Glogster.

  2. I believe this warning should be valid forever.

    Glogster staff disclosed to me that the virus had come from an advertiser and that they were no longer going to do business with that company. I was disappointed and discouraged that the archdiocese would recommend this program so strongly when Glogster was willing to do business with any advertiser who would throw money their way. As long as Glogster (or any site) uses advertising, it is important to be cautious of what we expect students to use from home computers, as these computers are not necessarily well-protected. I thought Glogster was a fantastic tool, but I am still hesitant to recommend it to other teachers without a warning.