Thursday, March 1, 2012

Glogster Take 2

I decided to give Glogster a second chance and I continue to be disappointed.  Several years ago, this program came very highly recommended by workshop presenters.

I tried to create a sample Glog that demonstrated its ability to embed video, audio, images, and files.  I ran into issues logging in, saving my Glog, and publishing my Glog.  A number of times, I reached the "something really bad happened!" page.   To make matters worse, they are no longer offering free education accounts.  Maybe my issues are related to the fact that I have an older beta account and have not paid for the upgrade?

Here is my attempt at making a Glog.  Note the saving/publishing issues above- it may not work.

I see this as a resource with tremendous possibility.  Until they work out the bugs, I cannot recommend it to my peers or consider using it in my classroom.

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